Thursday, September 24, 2009

True confessions.....

Well, no menu plan for this week. Sorry about that, but I have been under the weather lately.

I share my health info here because it's pertinent to the topic of this blog....the reason I'm gluten free is not just because of my celiac disease, but also in the hope that ALL of my autoimmune diseases and associated disorders will improve or go into remission. According to many of the forum members at, this is definitely possible.

But I'm a bit discouraged at the moment.

My rheumatologist did some blood work recently which showed a high level of anti-double-stranded DNA antibodies. He told me that it was one of the indicators for lupus, but that he didn't think I had lupus. Which was good news, of course!

However, a few nights ago I showed up with a blazing red malar rash (the so-called "butterfly" rash):

I emailed a picture of it to my doctor, who said to come see him as soon as possible. He's doing more bloodwork on me, but in the meantime has started me on Plaquenil, which was originally an anti-malarial medication, but is now frequently prescribed for lupus.

How can I be developing lupus now?? It really blows my mind that my immune system can be going haywire like that when I'm on so much Imuran and prednisone!! Those meds are supposed to suppress the immune system!

Plus I'm on the gluten free diet, and that's supposed to help, too.....?

Well, speaking of the diet, I've been so exhausted and feeling so bad lately it's been difficult to cook. My husband has made a few dinners of Trader Joe's gluten free mini tacos, and we've eaten a lot of Garlic Jim's gluten free pizza.

I actually only made about half the dinners last week that I planned to. In fact, today I'm making the Crockpot Orange Chicken....I'll post a bit later on how it comes out!

More soon....

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