Friday, June 25, 2010

What to eat when there's no time to cook - a tribute to Trader Joe's!

We move in less than a week now...I really HATE moving! :(

Oh well, it will be worth it to get to the cooler, foggier environment of the central coast of California. That should help my lupus flares calm down and also my Lyme symptoms that are aggravated by the heat in the San Gabriel Valley of Southern CA where I currently live.

I just want to post a tribute to Trader Joe's for their quick gluten free foods; we've been living on the following TJ's meals as we pack up the kitchen:

Gluten free mini tacos (chicken and beef)
Gluten free meatballs (sun-dried tomato and buffalo chicken)
Gluten free noodle bowls (garlic, spring onion, mushroom)
Gluten free corned beef hash
Gluten free Chicken Tikka Masala
Gluten free pastas (with or without the meatballs mentioned above)

Any of the above served with a green salad makes an easy, satisfying meal that you can make quickly with a minimum number of pots and pans.

I'm SO glad there is a TJ's near our new home! I would be very sad to live in an area without a Trader Joe's. My mom lives in Medford, OR, and doesn't have a TJ's nearby. However Fred Meyer does have a lot of gluten free foods so we're still able to visit her and stay for a while without too much trouble.

More soon! Maybe after we're in the new house!


Kathy said...

Sorry you have so many illnesses to
deal with. It certainly must make
it complicated with all the different

Maybe once the Lyme is eradicated the
newer ones will calm down, and being
gluten free will help more than it does now.

Good Luck!

JoAnn said...

Thanks Kathy! It's interesting that being gluten free seems to be helpful (and necessary) for SO MANY different conditions, even for Lyme disease.