Monday, July 6, 2009

No real plan for this week

My husband and I continue to experience symptoms even though we've been gluten free for a while now. His skin is still flaring up from time to time, while my headaches, brain fog, mouth sores and gastric symptoms come and go as well. Plus both of us are currently at uncomfortably high weights.... :(

From the many many posts on the forum at, I've discovered that a large percentage of celiacs had to give up additional foods as well before they really started to heal. Many of them eliminated dairy, soy, and most or all grains. Which leaves veggies, fruits, and meat.

We are still discussing what to own preference would be to go on a modified low carb diet, which I always did well on before I was diagnosed. Eating low carb in the past always gave me lots of energy, I lost weight, and my "IBS" went away!

Well, of course it did, because I was eating gluten "light" bread, cereal, baked goods, pasta, etc. Naturally I would feel better on a low carb diet because I didn't have IBS, I had celiac disease.

So I had a ham, cheese, and mushroom omelet this morning for brunch. But I'm not sure about dinner yet.

More soon!

Update: We're having lamb chops and a green salad for dinner! :)

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