Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How the low carb thing is going

OK, I know I said I'd do low carb but it's been more like "medium-low". So far.

I generally start out well in the morning....I eat a small serving of protein or two in the first couple of hours after waking up: a handful of nuts, some cottage cheese, or a couple of scrambled eggs with salsa are good ways to begin the day.

I haven't been able to quit coffee, although I've thought about it. I was drinking coffee with stevia but have recently gone back to Splenda. Hey, at least it's not aspartame!! :)

Anyway, as the day wears on I continue to nibble occasionally, mostly on protein; I try not eat a meal until dinner time. At that point I'm really hungry, and ready for a meal. Dinners have not been low carb, so far. In the past several days I've made dinners that will be familiar to you if you have been reading this blog for any length of time....easy dinners like Fish Tacos or Mexican Lasagna or even just steak and potatoes.

So, even though I have NOT been perfectly low carb as on the Atkins diet, I have lost FOUR POUNDS since my last post!! YAY!!

Yes, I'm sure it's all water weight too....

Now that I think about it, what I've been doing is almost along the lines of the semi-low-carb diet made popular by the Hellers, a husband-and-wife team of doctors who wrote "The Carbohydrate Addict's Diet". My impression of that diet is that you basically eat two low carb meals per day and then one "regular" meal. So I'm almost doing the Heller diet except I'm gluten free, of course.

For some reason I've been having a lot of headaches lately....I used to have these before I went gluten free but haven't had issues with constant headaches for a while now.

I wonder if it's the Splenda??


RissaRoo said...

Sorry about the headaches! Could be the Splenda, I guess...I'm not sure what's in it. How much sweetener do you use in your coffee? Sometimes you're better off with regular sugar. Also, if you've been decreasing your coffee intake at all that could lead to headaches...I get them if I don't have enough coffee. Which is probably a sign that I should quit the coffee...sigh!

A big congratulations on that four pounds, though! Way to go!

Dany said...

I agree...sometimes regular sugar (get the brown Trader Joe's stuff) is better than any of the refined/substitutes. There's only 14 calories in a packet/tsp. Also, try agave nectar. The prob is it's a little pricey but good in java!
Congrats on the 4 lbs...water weight or not, it's a start!