Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's Wednesday! What's for Dinner?


I haven't been participating every Wednesday, because things have been kinda crazy busy for me lately. And they're about to get worse, unfortunately. More about that later though.

Tonight, we are having breakfast for dinner. Breakfast dinners are a favorite with my family; the kids love breakfast anytime! The main dish is my breakfast "quiche" (original recipe from my SIL, Libby . . . modified to our tastes and to be gluten free), while the bread is homemade gluten free banana-blueberry muffins. Please click on the links to find the recipes.

Please visit The Gluten-Free Homemaker for more fabulous gluten-free dinner ideas!


Linda said...

We love breakfast for dinner too! Both recipes look great.

Thanks for joining us again. BTW, you don't have to write about what you're actually having for dinner on Wednesday. The carnival just takes place on Wednesday.

Brian said...

We often have breakfast for dinner as well. I've never used flour mix in my quiche or egg casserole. I may have to try yours. Thanks for sharing.