Sunday, February 8, 2009

Feeling better....definitely

I have to say, more than 2 months into the gluten free diet thing, that I'm actually feeling better. I feel better now than I did last week, and last week I felt better than the previous week!

I still use the wheelchair, but I'm able to stand up longer (a little bit longer anyway) and I can walk a tiny bit further now. I still have the occasional headache, but before I started the diet I had the headaches every day! My hands don't shake anymore, at least, very rarely now. There are just so many areas of improvement....I'm really starting to hope that someday I'll feel totally normal again!

I know I was feeling disappointed because I wasn't feeling great IMMEDIATELY, but obviously you have to give the diet time to work!

Any improvement is definitely worth any amount of hassle that the gluten free lifestyle causes!


RissaRoo said...

I'm so happy you're feeling better! It's hard when you don't feel all the way better even when you're trying so hard to be strict with the diet, but the damage didn't happen over night and I guess it takes awhile to heal, too. What a blessing that things are getting better! I'm so excited for you.

JoAnn said...

Thanks Erica!

Yes, it's been hard as I hoped to have things improve so much more quickly, but now I realize that was foolish. You're right in saying that the damage didn't happen overnight....I've probably had celiac disease since childhood and I'm 53 now!

But I really DO feel better, and that is very exciting! Praise the Lord!