Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Prayer request for Baby Matthew

There is a beautiful baby boy named Matthew who is only a few weeks old. He was diagnosed soon after birth with a very serious medical condition called hydranencephaly. This condition is terminal and the doctors at first gave his guardians the prognosis that he would likely only live a few months.

But there has recently been some indication that Matthew may be treatable, and that in the best case scenario, he might even be able to have a normal life after surgery. This momentary ray of hope has now faded a bit, because the results of a cat scan were inconclusive. You can see Matthew and read more at his blogsite, Gift of God.

Please pray for the Lord to work in Matthew's life, and touch him with His healing power. Pray for God's will in his life. Pray that the Lord will anoint his doctors with wisdom. Pray for the precious Christian family who is caring for him as if he were their very own.

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