Saturday, December 6, 2008

Eating Out Gluten Free

We went to a restaurant Thursday evening for dinner; we were able to do this because the particular restaurant we chose (The Old Spaghetti Factory) has a Gluten Free menu.

I was a bit worried because there was so much gluten at the table. Everything ordered by Paul and Matthew was regular pasta, and there was regular bread at the table. Normally I would be feeding Emma bites of bread (she LOVES bread and carbs in general!), but Paul realized that I would be contaminating my fingers and risking glutening myself, so he took over the feeding of Emma without even being asked!

I tried to be very careful to avoid touching anyone else's plate or the bread tray.

My gluten free meal was a baked chicken breast with a side of gluten free rotini made from corn flour topped with their meat sauce. The only possibilities on the gluten free menu were either my meal or a plate of just the corn rotini with your choice of 5 different not a lot to choose from. However, it was nice just to have SOMETHING I could eat at a restaurant!

There are actually quite a few restaurants out there that offer gluten free menus. So I will be able to try this again. The experiment seems to have been successful, in that I ate out and didn't have any severe consequences the next day, so I must not have been glutened, at least not to any noticeable degree.

It was a very nice evening out with the family!

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