Thursday, December 11, 2008

OK, what have I been eating lately? Updates....

Well, over the weekend I made an AWESOME meal. I followed the recipe for a classic French dish called cassoulet from Erica's blogsite. It's a sort of country French stew made from meat (frequently both sausage and poultry, as in this version), vegetables and white beans. It made enough to feed an ARMY!

We ate it and then worked on the leftovers for three days, plus I took it to work for lunch. We still have a container in the freezer, enough for another meal! See below for a picture of the cassoulet (polish sausage, chicken, white beans, tomatos, carrots, onions, etc....YUM!).

On Wednesday this week I decided to eat at El Pollo Loco for lunch. I had corn tortillas and two small chicken breasts. Unfortunately I think I was glutened by the chicken....not because of any ingredients in the chicken itself but due to cross-contamination from the grill.

Wednesday night I made fish tacos: I microwaved tilapia fillets brushed with butter and sprinkled with a Key Lime flavored pepper blend, then broke the fillets into chunks and put them into freshly cooked corn tortillas (fried in a little oil) with salsa, cheese and sour cream. Those tacos were very good and very easy to make.

I woke up this morning (Thursday) with a severe headache, probably from being glutened on Wednesday by El Pollo Loco. I was exhausted all day and fell asleep in my office at one point.

In any case, when I got home today I decided to try making a gluten free pizza for dinner. Here is the recipe for the crust; I used Hormel pepperoni (which is supposed to be gluten free), bacon, mushrooms, green onion, mozzerella, Parmesan, and Newman's Own Marinara Sauce (gf of course). It was fabulous, if I do say so myself; the crust was very good. I doubled the crust recipe and used a medium-sized cookie sheet/jelly roll pan. I baked the crust at 425 degrees for 14 minutes, pulled it out and put the sauce and toppings on and baked for another 16 minutes or so at 350 degrees. The crust came out quite thick and crunchy on the edges....really nice! I think that next time I will either make 1 1/2 times the recipe so the crust is a bit thinner, or 3 times the recipe and make TWO pizzas.

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