Saturday, December 27, 2008

Crumbs are my nemesis

I'm becoming paranoid....I had to ask DH to wipe down the dining room table before I sat down because there were crumbs on it and I didn't know if they were gluten crumbs or gluten free crumbs. Probably they were gluten, because the kids and DH are still on gluten. I think that I've been glutened by DS before, because he wanders around eating crackers and then he wants me to kiss him or hug him and he's covered with crumbs. He's only 3 years old so he doesn't understand.

I guess the only solution is to ban gluten-containing products from the house.

If only DH realized just how sick I've been getting when I'm glutened, I think he'd be more willing to take the extreme steps of throwing away the remainder of our gluten-y foods and replacing the toaster, etc.

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