Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Staying gluten free while BUSY BUSY BUSY!

It's tough to stay away from gluten while you're very busy. I used to be able to swing through a fast food drive-in or call in a takeout order when things got crazy, but now I have to either cook ALL the time, or I have to cook extra food when I have the chance so that I have lots of leftovers to take with me.

Of course, I'm using the latter approach. I have no choice; there are some days when I'm gone for more than 14 hours straight. On Mondays and Wednesdays (when I teach) I might leave at 8:00am and not get home until 10:00pm.

So I've been mostly eating leftovers for the past couple of days: breakfast quiche in the morning, white chili, enchiladas, and leftover thanksgiving dishes for lunches and dinners. Although last night I made gluten free pasta (Tinkyada penne) with Prego sauce. I ate leftover pasta for dinner tonight. This morning I made gluten free chocolate chip cookies for a baby shower at work (for one of my bosses); they were FABULOUS! Here is a link to the recipe (it's in post #4 in this thread from the forum at

The effects from my accidental glutening linger on.....I thought that the headache was bad, but then the gassy bloated feeling came back and today I had the big D (you celiacs out there know what I'm talking about!). So I'm very aware of the consequences of slipping up and eating gluten. I've read that you tend to become more and more sensitive to gluten as time goes on, if you remain gluten free.

Well, it's after midnight now so I really have to go to bed. More soon!


holly said...

what exactly is gluten? Is it wheat? I suppose I could research it more and really find out, but I am kind of busy and thought I would ask you first.

JoAnn said...

I don't mind you asking me! :)

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, rye and barley. So if you cut those three things out of your diet, you're theoretically gluten-free. But you have to read labels all the time, because they put wheat, rye and barley products in all sorts of things you wouldn't expect. Sometimes even in canned refried beans to thicken them!!

Some of the words and phrases to watch out for include "modified food starch" and "natural flavorings"....they can mean hidden gluten. Most of the time you have to call or email the company to find out if the starch is from wheat (bad) or corn (good).

I just found out that they put rye gluten in a garlic sauce that I absolutely LOVE at one of my favorite take-out places, Zankou Chicken. So I can't have it anymore. :(

I should have some info on gluten and celiac disease on this blog least links to info.