Sunday, January 11, 2009

Gluten Free Menu For This Week

I've never tried this before, but here goes! I'm inspired to do this by Erica's blog, and others I've seen who are organized enough to actually PLAN meals! :)

Monday: Thai Chicken Curry in the Crockpot, served with brown rice
Tuesday: Gluten Free Franks and Bush's Baked Beans, salad
Wednesday: Leftovers
Thursday: Gluten Free Pasta with Marinara, Salad
Friday: Crockpot Honey Lentils
Saturday: Leftovers
Sunday: Broiled Lamb chops, salad

The Thai curry and the honey lentils will probably make a significant amount of food, enough for leftovers for another dinner and even a couple of lunches at work, I suspect. Which is why I'm planning two nights of leftovers during the week.

Tonight I'm making barbecue chicken gluten free pizza with Erica's gf crust. Click the link and scroll down to Saturday, and follow the link found there.

Let's see if I'm disciplined enough to follow this menu plan and whether or not I post another one next week! :)


RissaRoo said...

WooHoo! This sounds like a great week of menus. I love planning the leftovers into the week, too...they make great lunches and it's actually sort of fun to have "leftover day". I'm still eager to try that curry...and the lentils sound good too. It's so much fun to see what's on the menu for other gluten free families! Thanks for the shout-out and for posting your menu, it's great to have somewhere to go when I can't think of what to plan (which is pretty often, actually!). :o)

JoAnn said...

Hi Erica,

I really enjoy reading your menu plans each week. Everything always sounds so good....and healthy too!

It's wonderful that you post your weekly menus on the forum! That was how I originally found your blog.

Thanks for sharing your menus and recipes!


Carrington said...

I'm starting a Gluten-Free diet and I stumbled across your blog and found it very encouraging when it comes to all the food choices out there! Another great article on this is here:

Have a great day!

JoAnn said...

That is a helpful article; I like the fact that they list things to avoid as well as things you can eat...thanks for the link!

Good luck with everything!