Friday, January 30, 2009

TGIF...and how am I doing 2 months later?

I just realized that I passed the 2 month mark (2 months gluten free) a few days ago!

I've been EXTREMELY busy at work this week, and this did create a few problems. I've had trouble sticking to the menu plan. Although I have made many of the meals I planned, I made them on different nights and had to make a couple of simpler meals on nights I came home late.

This is least I've managed to stay gluten free. Despite the previous post, in which I was trying to find the silver lining in celiac disease, I do miss being able to get fast food occasionally, and I miss being able to go to any restaurant and try any dish on the menu that looks appealing.

But I don't want to risk getting really sick. I just have to remember how exhausted I was all the time, and how bad the headaches and neurological symptoms were, and that's enough to keep me on the straight and narrow. I know that I feel better today than I did when I started the diet...that's all that matters right now.

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